Ticks are Active!

Given the weather this spring ticks are extremely active.  Tick borne diseases are on the rise, so it is not just Lyme disease that we have to worry about. Permethrin, active ingredient, is a great preventative measure for clothing and a repellent containing Deet can be used on your skin. General information on ticks: CDC […]

Giant Hog Weed

 Giant Hog Weed “Giant Hogweed was recently found at three sites in Granville, Massachusetts. This is a nasty plant. It is invasive: dispersing through seeds and by spreading roots. When the sap contacts skin and reacts with light, large, liquid filled blisters result. The infestation in Granville was started by an enthusiastic gardener, but now […]

At the Park

Nestled on a hill overlooking Shame Pond and The Grist Mill is a stately Victorian house  built in 1888 named “Bendora”.  Benjamin Bartley and his wife Theodora , the original owners of this home, combined parts of their first names to name their beautiful estate. Asiatic Lilies, Daylilies, Casablanca Lilies, Dahlias, Rose of Sharon, Rhododendrons […]

Carefree Country Garden

Benjamin Haines, an employee of the Boston and Sandwich Glass Company, built this house in 1832. Today the house is surrounded by lush perennial beds and emits a warm, country-like feel. Old-fashioned favorites such as Lady’s Mantle, Impatiens, Hostas, Ferns, Soloman Seal, and Begonias highlight the shade garden at the beginning of the landscape. Notice […]

Washed Ashore Cottage

Originally built circa 1830 as housing for workers at the Boston & Sandwich Glass Company, “Washed Ashore Cottage” is now a vacation home for the owners. Enter the garden through the white picket fence and on your right the front patio garden is punctuated with chocolate-chip Ajuga, Hostas and Phlox.  Nikko- blue Hydrangeas, and perennials […]

Secret Garden

This Victorian Duplex was built in 1840 as a rooming house for single daughters.  Now this building serves as a print shop, but has a unique treasure tucked in its back yard, not visible to most.  This “Secret Garden” immerses you into a place of peace and harmony. The blended border of roses, luscious greenery, […]

Hedge House

Deep in the heart of Sandwich Village, behind a high privet hedge, lies Hedge House, an elegant white 1838 home popping with contemporary color.  Upon entering the property, the owners’ mass dahlias present themselves in a riot of shades.  Above them, morning glories trail across the sidewalls meeting an ancient grape vine that covers their […]

Whimsical Charm

Whimsical Charm Two designations on the weathered shingles alert you to the fact that you will soon enter a very special place.  “Samuel Fessenden 1840” provides the date that William Fessenden, Chief Glass Blower for the Boston & Sandwich Glass Company, built this house for his son, Steven.  A plaque “Certified Wildlife Habitat” assures that […]