Community Service

The Sandwich Garden Club is a partner and advocate within our community.  Our members provide services to the town in a number of ways.

Maintenance of Historic Sign Gardens

  • The Club has “adopted”  five  signs in four locations. A team of two members takes responsibility for each location. Teams refresh and replant the sign areas each spring and fall. They also weed and water the gardens throughout the stressful summer.  Our signs  are located at:
    • “Glasstown District” (Brown) and “Entering Town Hall Square” Route 6A & Main Street  (2 signs)
    • “Entering Town Hall Square” On Tupper Road at Route 6A
    • “Entering Town Hall Square” Going north down the road a bit from the new Sandwich Chamber of Commerce location
    • “Entering Jarvesville” near Heart of Stone

Garden Maintenance

  • Spring and fall maintenance of gardens at Mill Creek Park and Oak Crest Cove Lodge. Weeding, raking, mulching, pruning and planting as needed.

Decorations at Town Hall

  • Each winter club members decorate the auditorium at Town Hall.  We bring trees, ornaments and wreaths to add a festive flair to the space.

Flower Arrangements for Shut-ins

  • Each year the club creates mini-bouquets that deliver some sunshine to local shutins

Daffodil Plantings

  • Over the years the club has planted no less than 10,000 bulbs around town.  There was a big planting push for the Sandwich 375th celebration.  It was delightful!  Future areas  for mass planting will be identified in conjunction with the town.