Community Service

The Sandwich Garden Club is a partner and advocate in our community.  Our members provide services to the town in a number of ways.

Maintenance of Historic Sign Gardens

  • Each of five sign locations has volunteer(s) that will tend the area throughout the year.
  • The team refreshes and replants the sign areas each spring and fall. They also water the gardens throughout the stressful summer.
  • Signs the club have “adopted” are:

Glasstown District (Brown), Entering Town Hall Square Route 6A & Main Street  2 signs

Entering Town Hall Square, On Tupper Road at Santander Bank

Entering Town Hall Square, Going north down the road a bit from the new Sandwich Chamber of Commerce location

Entering Jarvesville, near Heart of Stone

Garden Maintenance

  • Spring and fall maintenance of gardens at Mill Creek Park and Oak Crest Cove Lodge. Weeding, raking, mulching, pruning and planting as needed.

Decorations at Town Hall

  • Each winter club members decorate the auditorium at Town Hall.  We bring trees, ornaments and wreaths to add a festive flair to the space.

Flower Arrangements for Shutins

  • Each year the club creates mini-bouquets that deliver some sunshine to Cape -Heritage

Daffodil Plantings

  • Over the years the club has planted no less than 10,000 bulbs around town.  There was a big planting push for the 375th celebration.  It was delightful.