Secret Garden

This Victorian Duplex was built in 1840 as a rooming house for single daughters.  Now this building serves as a print shop, but has a unique treasure tucked in its back yard, not visible to most.  This “Secret Garden” immerses you into a place of peace and harmony. The blended border of roses, luscious greenery, and mixed beds are complemented by a soothing fountain and restful benches.  The owner of this garden transported many of the plants from his mother’s garden in Jackson, Mississippi to Sandwich. The stunning presence of Sweet Peas personifies the owner’s loving tribute to his mother, as Sweet Peas were his mother’s favorite flower.  Linger a bit and enjoy this little bit of heaven, and you will soon feel yourself transposed to a different place, perhaps to a favorite book as a child. The owner is an illustrator of children’s books and grew up knowing Mississippi -born author, Eudora Welty.  All the creative arts come together in this truly special “Secret Garden”.