Carefree Country Garden

Benjamin Haines, an employee of the Boston and Sandwich Glass Company, built this house in 1832. Today the house is surrounded by lush perennial beds and emits a warm, country-like feel. Old-fashioned favorites such as Lady’s Mantle, Impatiens, Hostas, Ferns, Soloman Seal, and Begonias highlight the shade garden at the beginning of the landscape. Notice the brick patio central to the house.  This patio is rich in history, as the owner formatted the patio floor from bricks recycled from the old Sandwich Train Station once located on Jarves Street.  Stunning coral Begonias, unusual purple and white petunias and show-stopping annuals grace the fringes of the brick patio in colorful containers.  The care-free country feel extends throughout the yard with sunny beds of Dahlias, Veronica, Phlox, Peonies, and Iris. Evidence of bird life and nature beckon you to relax in the peacefulness and beauty of this garden.