Giant Hog Weed

 Giant Hog Weed

“Giant Hogweed was recently found at three sites in Granville, Massachusetts. This is a nasty plant. It is invasive: dispersing through seeds and by spreading roots. When the sap contacts skin and reacts with light, large, liquid filled blisters result. The infestation in Granville was started by an enthusiastic gardener, but now has spread into neighboring areas and along the roadway. It is very likely to be found in other sites in Massachusetts and it should be eradicated.”  UMass IPM

Giant Hog Weed Fact Sheet

Occurrences of this plant should be reported. There is a link in the Fact Sheet above for online reporting.  Removal should be done professionally or with extreme caution.  Research measures before taking action.

An instance was found in Sandwich but has been listed as eradicated.